CFS – Container Freigth Station

KADOR CFS GDAŃSK is located in the direct vicinity of the largest container terminal on the Baltic Sea – DCT Gdansk.
The location of the facility allows for quick response to emergency situations in ports and direct contact with ship owners or the terminal. It also gives a great opportunity for costs and process improvement. On top of that the infrastructure makes it undoubtedly an ideal solution for crating and handling of heavy equipment.

What is the scope of KADOR CFS operations?

  • Collection of containers from a depot or other designated location and their subsequent return,
  • Stuffing/de-stuffing of all type of containers also OOG,
  • Transshipment from container to vehicle,
  • Storage of empty and full containers,
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo with onward distribution.

Infrastructure designed for heavy cargo and container handling

  • Roofed warehouse space of 3100 m²
  • Hall height of 14-16 m allowing individual mobile lifting equipment,
  • Warehouse door with 8 m width and 10 m heigh,
  • 5000 m² of paved surfaces for storing of 1000 TEU
  • Lifting facilities: 5t hall crane; 4,5t forklift; 25t forklift; 45t reach stacker.

Heavy Cargo Handling Center

  • Professional fit-for-purpose packaging/crating for heavy, large or bulky items.
  • Mounting area and services for out-of-gauge loads in the Port of Gdansk.